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Appendix 5 - Assessment Task 2;Obtain the most recently issued annual report from an entity that includes sustainability reporting and identify the following;REQUIRED;1. Briefly summarise their key initiatives.;2. Review the Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Owners? Equity, Statement of Financial Position and;Statement of Cash Flows and assess how you think the entity is performing? 3. Would you invest in the entity? Why?;4. Is the audit report unqualified, if not what was the qualification?;5. Who is the chief financial officer?;6. What are the names of the directors?;7. How many pages of explanatory notes accompany the financial statements? 8. In addition to the above reports are there other reports? What are they?;Submission Requirements th;You must upload your answer via LMS by 11:55pm 17 August 2014.;The file you upload must be in.doc,.docx or PDF format. Do not upload other file formats.;All assignments must be typed in a minimum 12 font, with 1.5 line spacing.;Word limit: 500 words (approximately);Submissions that do not meet these requirements will lose marks.


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