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MGT 541 SWOT and Environmental Analysis




MGT 541 SWOT and Environmental Analysis;MGT 541 SWOT and Environmental Analysis;Overview of the Soltuion;Company- Subway ?;INTRODUCTION;SUBWAY PRODUCTS;SWOT ANALYSIS;Strengths;Weaknesses;Opportunities;Threats;EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT;THE POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT;THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT;THE SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT;THE TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT;Demographical environment;RECOMMENDATIONS;CONCLUSION;REFERENCES;1. Explore Our World,;2. Subway Timeline, Doctor?s Associates Inc. Retrieved on December 29, 2012;3. August 24, 2012.;4. August 27, 2012).;5. Why Fast Food is on a roll. The Daily Sun, January 18, 2012; in-the- UK.html#ixzz2SPOSyBiL;6. Kaputa, C. 2006. U R a brand: how smart people brand themselves for business success. s. l.: Davies-Black Publishing. ISBN 0891062130, 9780891062134;7. From the official Subway UK website, History,;8. Why Subway Is "The Biggest Problem In Franchising" That's the assessment of a congressional staffer who studied the industry. Founder Fred DeLuca's unique approach to the sandwich business has brought him staggering wealth--and big troubles, Richard Behar, March 16, 1998, CNNmoney.;;9. Cadle, J. et al. (2010) Glossary. In: D. Paul, D. Yeates & J. Cadle, eds. Business Analysis. 2nd ed. Swindon: British Informatics Society Limited, p. xxiii.;10. Subway Employment policy, 31-08-2010.;11. Subway Social Responsibility, 2011.;12. Ilan Alon, I. 2006. Service franchising: a global perspective. illustrated ed. s. l.: Springer. ISBN 0387281827, 9780387281827;13.;14.;15. CIA The World Fact book, April 15,2013;APPENDIX;1) Diversity, Our people our communication, 2011.;This shows the diversity in employees and franchisees of Subway business around the globe.;? Nearly 30% employ staff who are aged 62 or older;? Nearly 80% of franchisees indicated that they employ members of minority groups in their restaurants;? More than 25% of franchisees said that members of minority groups make-up 50-100% of their staffs;? 98% of franchisees employ women in their restaurants;? More than 78% of responding franchisees indicated that 50-100% of their employees are women;? 66% of respondents said that their Subway restaurants are "family-operated" businesses


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