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Assignment 2: Discouraged Workers and the Economy;A ?discouraged worker? is an individual without a job who has a desire to work, however, the worker has not actively searched for a job within the last six months, because the worker believes that there are no jobs available. Such a worker is not included in the official unemployment count.;Consider a scenario where discouraged workers are now included in the official unemployment rate during a recessionary period in the economy. Which of the three types of unemployment?frictional, structural, or cyclical?do you believe that these unemployed workers would most closely qualify for? How about during a period of economic expansion? Explain your answers and include examples.;Next, discuss and explain how including discouraged workers in the official unemployment rate would affect both the federal deficit and the national debt. Include examples to support your conclusions.;By Saturday, September 6, 2014, post your initial discussion response in the M1: Assignment 2 Discussion Area. By Wednesday, September 10, 2014, read all of the other students? postings, and post comments in the Discussion Area on at least two other responses.


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