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What quality do the paintings of Titian possess because of his use of the impasto technique in painting




1. What quality do the paintings of Titian possess because of his use of the impasto technique in painting? A. Restraint;B. Piety;C. Sensuality;D. Religiosity;2. Which of these artistic values is most apparent in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch? A. Grazia;B. Simplicity;C. Symbolism;D. Idealism;3. When a painting is done quickly in one sitting, it's called A. sfumato.;B. chiaroscuro.;C. impasto.;D. alla prima.;4. Giotto developed a new way of presenting biblical stories by A. creating figures that are unearthly and godlike.;B. using sacred stories to create a conceptual design.;C. choosing one significant moment to illustrate.;D. using multiple scenes in up to five windows.;5. Which one of the following was the ruler of Florence who arranged for Michelangelo to study sculpture in the private academy on the grounds of his palace?;A. Lorenzo de' Medici B. Giorgio Vasari;C. Pope Julius II;D. Andrea Palladio;????6. Bernini's David, unlike Michelangelo's, shows David;?A. as a young man.;B. after he has killed Goliath. C. in motion.;D. at rest.;7. What was the highest goal of the Mannerist artists? A. Unique use of color;B. Elegance;C. Witty social commentary;D. Formal technique;8. Which device was not used by Caravaggio to create a theatrical effect in his paintings? A. Dramatic gestures;B. Stark lighting;C. Bold brushstrokes;D. Dark shadows;9. Which one of the following artists sculpted a statue of David? A. Raphael;B. Lorenzo Ghiberti;C. Andrea Palladio;D. Donatello;10. The _______ style, typical of Caravaggio, featured strong contrasts in light and dark, with darkness being the dominant feature.;A. tenebroso;B. accession;C. gouache;D. monochromatic;11. The use of light and dark to create dramatic contrast is called A. impasto.;B. chiaroscuro.;C. tenebroso.;D. sfumato.;12. Which artist solved a unique engineering challenge while still achieving awe-inspiring beauty in regards to the Dome of the Florence Cathedral?;A. Brunelleschi B. Rembrandt C. Michelangelo D. Donatello;?13. Even if we didn't know anything about the artist who created Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, it would be safe to say, after examining the surfaces represented in the painting, that it was created by a _______ European.;A. eastern B. northern C. western D. southern;14. Giotto's Lamentation in the Arena Chapel in Padua is remarkable primarily;because A. it's one of the first religious oil paintings with real human figures.;B. the characters in the painting are presented as individuals.;C. Giotto painted it in one sitting and made no revisions to the completed work.;D. of the colors used to convey allegorical meaning.;15. The Villa Rotunda has been a model for architects in every century since it was built in the 1500s. This building was designed by;A. da Vinci.;B. Michelangelo. C. Palladio.;D. Raphael.;16. What is most remarkable about the paintings of Pieter Breugel the Elder? A. Subject matter;B. Medium used;C. Innovative brush strokes;D. Daring compositional features;17. What was the nickname of the artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos? A. Fra Domenico;B. Titian;C. Cimabue;D. El Greco;18. The fact that the figures in Leonardo da Vinci's The Virgin of the Rocks are arranged in a figure triangle gives the painting;A. clear market value.;B. a strong sense of immediacy.;C. structural strength.;D. immediate viewer appeal.;19. Which of the following works of art did Michelangelo complete first? A. Tomb of Pope Julius II;B. Piet?;C. The Creation of Adam;D. David


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