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"I need help in creating pro-forma financial state...




"I need help in creating pro-forma financial statements for the following company. This does need to be completed by Sunday night (10-7-12)." Please use the following attachment for the information. Thanks,Yes those are the calculations to use for the statements,Ok I had to go out for a few. I will be home in 15 mins,? Construct a new one year, month-by-month, master budget in Excel? for the company, including all operating budgets, a capital budget, and pro-forma financial statements for the end of the year, reflecting your Team?s consensus strategic recommendations for Guillermo in Week One and Week Two as well as the information provided,I was assigned the financial statement section, using the budget that was provided. There were two attachments that were we were giving to come up with the budget. They are # 1,And # 2,That is all the information we had to work with. I do not have anything else,Our professor told us to use the break even analysis and data sheets to come up with a yearly budget, and from the budget that was created we need to create the pro forma statements,Right now I do not have access to that information as another team member created this spreadsheet. My part was to help creat the statements. I would need to get with my other team member to figure out the calculations. Is it not possible just not to create the statements from the information giving?,I have not had any luck getting in contact with the person who came up with this spreadsheet. Like I said before I was only assigned the statement section. I guess we will have to cancel this assignment, I am sorry about this because it has wasted your time and my time. I am just using these figures that I was giving and putting them into the statements, which I know is wrong. But until I get the correct figures I have no other choice. I am sorry for wasting your time....


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