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COM 200 Interpersonal Communications, Ashford




COM 200 Interpersonal Communications, Ashford;WEEK 1;Assignment Article Critique Masking Poor Communication;Discussion 1, Learning New Skills;Discussion 2, The Self and Communication;WEEK 2;Assignment Article Critique Talking Styles;Discussion 1, Improving Verbal Communication;Discussion 2, Nonverbal Miscommunication;Quiz;WEEK 3;Assignment, Article Critique Self-Disclosure, Gender, and Communication;Assignment, Final Paper Outline;Discussion 1, Everyone Has a Culture;Discussion 2, Willingness to Listen;WEEK 4;Assignment, Interpersonal Conflict;Assignment, Interpersonal Conflict in Film;Discussion 1, Empathy;Discussion 2, Attraction in Interpersonal Relationships;Quiz;WEEK 5;Assignment Final Paper Letter of Advice;Discussion 1, Unprofessional Work Environments;Discussion 2, The Influence of Mediated Communication


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