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CGD 218, Visual Literacy in Business




CGD 218, Visual Literacy in Business;WEEK 1;Assignment, Why is Visual Literacy Important;Discussion 1, Using Visuals to Communicate;Journal, The Evolution of Media;Quiz;WEEK 2;Assignment Final Project - Step Two;Discussion 1, Media and Message;Discussion 1, Topography in Business;Discussion 2, 911;Discussion 2, Bauhaus Manifesto;Quiz;WEEK 3;Assignment, Using Photographs from the Web;Discussion 1, Good design;Discussion 1, Photography and Composition;Discussion 2, Motion Pictures;Journal Visual Communication Today;Quiz;WEEK 4;Assignment, Final Project - Step Three;Discussion 1, Brand Identity;Discussion 2, Advertising;Discussion 2, TV Commercials;WEEK 5;Assignment, Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message;Assignment, Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message Presentation;Discussion 1, Comic Page Content Analysis;Discussion 1, Social Media;Discussion 2, Reflecting on Visual Literacy in Business;Discussion 2, Restriction on Image Use;Journal Packaging Visual Communication


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