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BUSN 115 Introduction to Business




BUSN 115 Introduction to Business;Week 1;Assignment: Economic Systems;Discussions Question 1, In What Manner is Wal-Mart Influencing America?;Discussions Question 2, Can Social Entrepreneurship Succeed?;Week 2;Assignment, Franchises;Discussions Question 1, International Trade or Stay Close to Home?;Discussions Question 2, Industrialized Versus Developing;Quiz;Week 3;Assignment, The Effectiveness of Business Laws;Discussions Question 1, Socially Responsible?;Discussions Question 2, Is it a Matter of Ethics?;Quiz;Week 4;Discussions Question 1, Ethical Considerations;Discussions Question 2, A Small Business and Social Media;Midterm Exam 1;Midterm Exam 2;Week 5;Assignment, Research Paper;Discussions Question 1, Communication: In a Promotional Way;Discussions Question 2, Blogs, Podcasts, and Social Media;Quiz;Week 6;Assignment, Mining Group Gold;Discussions Question 1, What? Me!? A Manager?;Discussions Question 2, Workers and Robots: Fair and Equitable?;Quiz;Week 7;Discussions Question 1, Effects of Information Technology on Management;Discussions Question 2, Financial Controls;Week 8;Final Exam (Questions and Answers)


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