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BUSN 460 Senior Project




BUSN 460 Senior Proje ct;Week 1;Learning Team Charter;Discussion Question 1, Selling your Team's Services to CanGo;Discussion Question 2, Mission, Vision and Values;Week 2;Team Video Analysis Report Week 1-2;Discussion Question 1, Planning a Technological Solution;Discussion Question 2, Cost Benefit Analysis;Week 3;Individual Financial Analysis Project;Discussion Question 1, Flow Charting Processes;Discussion Question 2, Implementing Technology;Week 4;Team Video Analysis Report Week 3-4;Discussion Question 1, Group Vs Team;Discussion Question 2, Matrixed Employee Environments;Week 5;Discussion Question 1, Performance Review Session;Discussion Question 2, Status Reports;Week 6;Team Video Analysis Report Week 5-6;Discussion Question 1, Corporate Decision Making;Discussion Question 2, Weighing Decision Criteria;Week 7;CanGO Presentation;Discussion Question 1, Corporate Ethics Tactics;Discussion Question 2, Profit vs. Responsibility;Week 8;Individual Assignment, Final Peer Review;Team Assignment, CanGo Final Report


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