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BUS 642 Business Research methods and Tools




BUS 642 Business Research methods and Tools;Week 1;Exercises: Complete Discussion Questions 1, 2, and 5 on page 22. Complete Making Research Decisions Question 6, page 76;Discussion 1, Scientific Thinking;Discussion 2, Making Research Decisions;Week 2;Exercises: Complete Making Research Decisions 1, page 50;In text answer Terms in Review, 1-5, page 155;Complete Making Research Decisions, 7, page 388;Discussion 1, Ethics in Business Research;Discussion 2, Design of Research;Week 3;Exercise: Complete Making Research Decisions, 5, page 315;Complete Terms in Review, 1- 3, page 123.;Case study, State Farm: Dangerous Intersections. Answer questions 1 through 5.;Discussion 1, Measurement Scales;Discussion 2, Clarifying the Research Questions;Week 4;Exercises: In your text book Complete Terms in Review, 1-4, on page 204.;On companion website Read Case Study: Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best. Answer questions 1-3;Discussion 1, Survey Methods;Discussion 2, Observational Studies;Week 5;Exercises: Complete the following exercises: In your text book;Complete Making Research Decisions, 2, page 450;Discussion 1, Data Preparation and Description;Week 6;Final Paper: Us Male vs. Female Pay Differences;Discussion 1, Measures of Association;Discussion 2, Presenting Results


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