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ECO 561 Entire Course Economics




ECO 561 Economics Week 1 to 6;WEEK 1;Individual Assignment: Quiz Chapter 1 and 2;Individual Assignment: Scenario Concept;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 2;Individual Assignment: Quiz Chapter 3, 4, and 5;Learning Team Assignment: Scenario Analysis;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 3;Individual Assignment: Cost Scenario;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 4;Individual Assignment: Quiz Chapter 6 and 7;Individual Assignment: Simulation Analysis;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 5;Individual Assignment: Quiz Chapter 8;Individual Assignment: Interest Rate Report;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 6;Learning Team Assignment: International Paper;Discussion Questions 1 and 2


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