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BUS 401 Principles of Finance Week 1 to 5




BUS 401 Principles of Finance, Ashford;WEEK 1;Assignment, Financial Management Challenges and Ethics;Discussion 1: The Role of Financial Management in a Firm;Discussion 2: Financial Statements;Weekly Quiz;WEEK 2;Assignment, Teaching Net Present Value (NPV) and Future Value (FV);Discussion 1: Dreams Do Come True;Discussion 2: Present and Future Values, and Expected Returns;Journal, Present and Future Values, and Expected Returns;Weekly Quiz;WEEK 3;Assignment, Return on Investment Education Funding;Discussion 1: Cash Flows From Working;Discussion 2: Capital Budgeting;Weekly Quiz;WEEK 4;Assignment Identifying and Managing Risk;Discussion 1: Interviewing Peter Lynch;Discussion 2: Cost of Capital;Journal, Risk and Return;Weekly Quiz;WEEK 5;Final Paper;Discussion 1: Ratio Analysis;Discussion 2: Applying Ratios to a Business


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