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When General Electric Company expanded its operations by acquiring NBC television, this was an example of;vertical integration.;diversification.;international expansion.;low-cost strategy.;concentration on a single business.;After hearing one member describe a problem to be addressed, all members of a group first write down ideas and solutions. After this, everyone shares those suggestions without criticism. The group, one by one, clarifies, critiques, and discusses the alternatives. Finally, each member ranks all the alternatives, and the highest-ranking alternative is chosen. This process is called __________.;Delphi technique;dialectical inquiry;brainstorming;nominal group technique;programmed decision making;When an organization enters a new type of industry that is not similar in any way to the current businesses of the organization, this is known as a(n) ____________ strategy.;concentration on a single business;unrelated diversification;international expansion;related diversification;vertical integration;In the classical model of decision-making, the most appropriate decision given the likely future consequences to the organization is known as the ______________ decision.;intuitive;creative;heuristic;obvious;optimum;When an organization updates its five-year plan annually in order to take into account changing conditions within the organization and in the organization's external environment, this is known as which type of plan?;Inflexible;Functional;Rolling;Scenario;SWOT;The explosion of the space shuttle Challenger is an example of poor managerial decision-making wherein managers neglected the criterion of __________.;ethicalness;practicality;legality;economic feasibility;devil's advocacy;Firestone Tire and Rubber Company set up a chain of Firestone retail stores to sell its tires to American consumers. This is an example of;forward vertical integration.;a global strategy.;a focused-differentiation strategy.;a multidomestic strategy.;backward vertical integration.;A manager performs a financial analysis of each alternative in order to determine which alternative is most likely to impact the organization's profitability. This manager is focusing on which criterion for decision-making?;Practicality;Ethicalness;Economic feasibility;Dialectical inquiry;Legality;PepsiCo purchased KFC so that it could replace Coke products with Pepsi products in KFC restaurants. This was an example of;horizontal integration.;vertical integration.;a low-cost strategy.;a global strategy.;a diversification strategy.;GE Financial Services is an example of which level of management operations for General Electric Company?;Functional;Corporate;Divisional;Departmental;Unit


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