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BUS 599 Week 7 Discussion's




1. Detecting Unethical Practices at Supplier Faculty" Please respond to the following;a). Assess the value of having a Supplier Code of Conduct when outsourcing operational functions to international markets and the enforceability of such a code.;b). Evaluate whether or not you believe a U.S.-based company outsourcing jobs to foreign markets is ethical. Support your position.;c). Assume that you have to make the decision to outsource work to a foreign market. Determine what country would be your best option. Explain your rationale.;2. China?s Unethical Practices" Please respond to the following;a). The regime in China has been known to manipulate it currency creating a competitive a world competitive advantage for the manufacturing of goods. Evaluate the impact to the U.S. manufacturing industry and make a recommendation on how the U.S. should deal with the practice of currency manipulation.;b). China has been known to violate the intellectual property rights related to technology, goods, and services, harming the companies from which it steals. Make a recommendation on how a U.S. company that has fallen victim to this Chinese practice should respond so as to protect its intellectual property.


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