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Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet);1) Dramatic changes in consumer technologies and media habits have;A) eroded the effectiveness of the mass media;B) reduced the cost of mass-media marketing;C) expanded the appeal of mass-media marketing;D) increased the effectiveness of the mass media;E) all of the above;3) The ability to identify the brand within the category, in sufficient detail to;make a purchase, is known as;A) brand attitude;B) brand awareness;C) brand purchase intention;D) category need;E) brand conviction;3) Personal selling is the most effective tool at later stages of the buying process;particularly in building up buyer preference, conviction, and action. Personal;selling has three distinctive qualities. These are personal interaction, re-;sponse, and;A) dramatization;B) cultivation;C) involvement;D) customization;E) relevance;4) Integrated marketing communications is a concept of marketing communica-;tions planning that recognizes the added value of a plan.;A) complete;B) integrated;C) coherent;D) comprehensive;E) none of the above;5) By focusing on a non-product-related image, VW's advertising to active, youth-;ful people with its "Drivers Wanted" campaign was an example of a(n);A) informational appeal;B) collective appeal;C) personal appeal;D) differentiated appeal;E) transformational appeal;4);Marketin Management;245;6) In assessing the collective impact of an IMe program, the marketer's over-;riding goal is to create the most effective and efficient communications;program possible. The criterion of is the proportion of the audience;reached by each communication option employed, as well as how much over-;lap exists among communication options.;A) contribution;B) complementarity;e) commonality;C) coverage;D) versati I ity;7) Print media provides much product information and can also effec-;tively communicate user and usage imagery.;A) historical;B) usage;e) informational;D) detailed;E) specific;8) Of the elements of a print advertisement, the matters the most when;it comes to the ad's effectiveness.;A) copy;B) color;e) picture;C) font;D) headline;9) The is the rate at which the buyer forgets the brand.;A) turnover rate;B) designated rate;e) purchase frequency;D) purge rate;E) forgetting rate;10) Sales promotion tools that impart a selling message along with the deal, as in;the case of free samples and premiums when they are related to the product;are called;A) promotions;B) manufacturer franchise building;e) retai ler promotions;C) consumer franchise building;D) retailer franchise building;5);Marketing Management;246;11) The company's marketing mix includes such tools as coupons, cash refund;offers, and premiums. These are examples of;A) marketing mix;B) trade promotions;C) salesman's tools;D) consumer promotions;E) none of the above;12) In constructing an effective direct-mail campaign, marketers must decide on;their objectives, target markets, and prospects, offer elements, means of test-;ing the campaign, and;A) sales promotions;B) advertising campaign;C) measures of campaign success;D) salespeople's input;E) management's input;13) The Internet provides marketers and consumers with opportunities for much;greater interaction and;A) specificity;B) speed;C) ease of use;D) convenience;E) individualization;14) Nearly of the total workforce work full-time in sales occupations.;A) 12;B) 30;C) 5;D) 20;E) 2;15) compensation receives more emphasis in jobs with a high ratio of;nonselling to selling duties and in jobs where the selling task is technically;complex and involves teamwork.;A) Commission;B) Estimated;C) Fixed;D) Variable;E) Combination;6);247;16) A pharmaceutical sales representative whose role is simply to keep doctors;up-to-date on the latest developments of his or her drug company is playing a;role.;A) order taker;B) technician;C) missionary;0) deliverer;E) solution vendor;17) Advantages of include that it can be implemented quickly, con-;ducted with a fair amount of security, and carried out without final packaging;and advertising.;A) sales-wave research;B) actual test markets;C) controlled test marketing;0) simulated test marketing;E) none of the above;18) Five characteristics influence the rate of adoption of an innovation. One of;these is;A) marketing expertise;B) packaging;C) government regulations;0) relative advantage;E) all of the above;19) When Scott Paper couldn't compete with Fort Howard Paper Co. on price for;the lucrative institutional toilet tissue market, it decided to differentiate by;making larger rolls of paper and providing institutional customers with free;dispensers. This is an example of;A) incremental innovation;B) disruptive technology;C) fragmented markets;0) perceptual mapping;E) customer-driven engineering;20) Combining two product ideas or concepts to create a new offering, for exam-;ple, oi. change/lubrication facilities with cafes, is an example of;a. lateral marketing


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