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BIS 155 Advanced PC Applications Week 1 to 8




BIS 155 Advanced PC Applications;Week 1;Excel Fundamentals and Charting - iLab;Excel Fundamentals and Charting - Quiz;Week 2;Excel?s Advanced Formulas and Functions - iLab;Excel's Advanced Formulas and Functions - Quiz;Week 3;Data Analysis Functions - iLab;Data Analysis Functions - Quiz;Week 4;Office Integration and Mail Merge - iLab;Office Integration and Mail Merge - Quiz;Week 5;Consolidating Data and What-If Analysis - iLab;Consolidating Data and What-If Analysis - Quiz;Consolidating Data and What- If Analysis - iLab -6;Week 6;Course Project, Northwind Traders Sales Data Analysis- Excel Project;Course Project, Project Memo Template;Week 7;iLab (Access Database);Week 8;Final Exam (Two Different Solutions)


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