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ACCT 346 Managerial Accounting Week 1 to 8, DeVry Keller




ACCT 346 Managerial Accounting;Week 1;Course Project Part 1;Discussion Question 1, Ethics and Ethical Behavior;Discussion Question 2, Managerial and Financial Accounting;Week 2;Course Project Part 2;Discussion Question 1, Job Order Costing;Discussion Question 2, Process Costing;Week 3;Course Project Part 3;Discussion Question 1, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis;Discussion Question 2, Variable Costing and Full Costing;Quiz Solutions;Week 4;Discussion Question 1, Activity Based Costing;Discussion Question 2, Incremental Cost Analysis;Midterm Exam;Week 5;Course Project Part 4;Discussion Question 1, Pricing Techniques;Discussion Question 2, Capital Budgeting Techniques;Week 6;Course Project Part 5;Discussion Question 1, Budgeting;Discussion Question 2, Standard Costs and Variance Analysis;Quiz Solutions;Week 7;Course Project Part 6;Discussion Question 1, Responsibility Centers;Discussion Question 2, Financial Statement Analysis;Week 8;Final Exam


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