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ACC 400 Accounting for Decision Making Week 1 to 5




ACC 400 Accounting for Decision Making;WEEK 1;Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper;Discussion Question and Participation;WEEK 2;Individual Assignment, Exercise E8-5, E9-9;Team Assignment, Exercises E7-2, P7-2A and Problems P7-2B, P7-2C;WEEK 3;Individual Assignment, Questions 1, 7, 8, 19, BE10-1, BYP10-1, BYP11-10 & Internet 11-1;Discussion Question and Participation;WEEK 4;BYP13-4;Interpreting Financial Statements;Discussion Question and Participation;WEEK 5;Individual Assignment, 13-4, 13-5;Team Assignment, BYP13-7, Exercise 23-10 and 23-12;Debt Vs Equity Financing Paper;Discussion Question and Participation;Final Paper


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