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ACC 349 Cost Accounting Entire Course Week 1 to 5




ACC 349 Cost Accounting;WEEK 1;Individual Assignment, Exercise E1-7, Ethics Case BYP 1-7;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;Weekly Summary;WEEK 2;Individual Assignment, Exercises E-2-6 and E2-9, Exercises E3-5 and E3-9, Questions 2 and 3;Learning Team Assignment: Problem P2-4A, Problem P3-3A;Learning Team Case Study: Managerial Analysis BYP 2-2;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;Weekly Summary;WEEK 3;Individual Assignment, Article Analysis summary;Individual Assignment, Exercises E4-10 and E4-11, Questions 13 and 14;Learning Team Problem Problems P4-3A and P4-4A;Learning Team Case Study, Managerial Analysis BYP 4-2;Discussion Question 1 and 2;Weekly Summary;WEEK 4;Individual Assignment: Exercises E5-1 and E5-9, Exercises E6-7 and E6-10;Learning Team Problem, Problem P7-1A;Learning Team Case Study, Managerial Analysis BYP 6-2;Discussion Questions 1, 2, 3;WEEK 5;Individual Assignment, Exercises E8-11, Exercises BE9-6 and BE9-8, Questions 2 and 11, Exercise E11-6;Learning Team Problems, Problem P8-2A, Problem P11-4A;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;Weekly Summary


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