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AC305 Intermediate Accounting II Financial Analysis Project Description The Financial Analysis Project will be a thorough examination of British Airways 2008/09 Annual Report and Accounts that is included with the required text. You will be required to analyze British Airways? financial statements and notes, as well as research the company and a major competitor for comparison. Objective The objective of this project will be to apply financial and analytical knowledge in evaluating an existing company, exercise research skills in acquiring and assessing pertinent information, and demonstrate written communications skills in the preparation of a professionally executed final report. Instructions ? Review British Airways 2008/09 Annual Report and Accounts (included with the required text) ? Research British Airways? via the Internet and provide an analysis of their: o History o Product Lines o Competitors ? Research and provide a summary of recent news related to British Airways ? Provide a detailed review of accounting methods used (depreciation, inventory valuation, etc.) ? Perform a high-level analysis of changes between 2008 (restated) and 2009 for the following: o Sales, Net Income o Total Assets, Total Liabilities, Total Equity o Cash from Operating, Cash from Investing, Cash from Financing ? Perform a detailed financial analysis of British Airways and a comparison to a major competitor of your choice. o A minimum of two (2) ratios should be chosen from four (4) different categories ? The text contains the following categories of financial ratios for you to consider: ? Liquidity (Chapter 3) ? Profitability (Chapter 5) ? Activity (Chapter 5) ? Performance (Chapter 21) ? Sufficiency (Chapter 21) ? Formulate recommendations to improve future financial performance ? Include charts/tables to support your narratives ? Format your report using APA style including a cover page and work cited page ? Refer to Financial Analysis Project Grading Rubric for point distribution


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