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Multiple Choice;Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.;1. A(n) ____ is a set of elements or components that interact to accomplish goals.;a. process c. system;b. network d. intranet;2. A firm?s ____ includes all the hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, people, and procedures that are configured to collect, manipulate, store, and process data into information.;a. technology infrastructure c. transaction processing system;b. e-business d. MIS;3. ____ consists of computer equipment used to perform input, processing, and output activities.;a. Virtual reality c. Hardware;b. Software d. Artificial intelligence;4. ____ include the strategies, policies, methods, and rules for using a CBIS, including the operation, maintenance, and security of the computer.;a. Procedures c. Databases;b. Vision systems d. Podcasts;5. A ____ is any business-related exchange such as payments to employees, sales to customers, or payments to suppliers.;a. procedure c. network;b. process d. transaction;6. A(n) ____ is a set of integrated programs that manages the vital business operations for an entire multisite, global organization.;a. enterprise resource planning system c. database unit;b. network unit d. value chain;7. A ____ is an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that support problem-specific decision making.;a. vision system c. decision support system;b. virtual reality system d. podcast;8. The collection of data, rules, procedures, and relationships that must be followed to achieve value or the proper outcome is contained in the expert system?s ____.;a. knowledge base c. intranet;b. value chain d. network unit;9. The ____ is that part of the computer that consists of three associated elements: the arithmetic/logic unit, the control unit, and the register areas.;a. gateway c. bridge;b. central processing unit d. channel bandwidth;10. ____ are high-speed storage areas used to temporarily hold small units of program instructions and data immediately before, during, and after execution by the CPU.;a. Registers c. Magnetic tapes;b. MP3s d. Arithmetic/logic units;11. ____ is a hypothesis which states that transistor densities on a single chip double every 18 months.;a. RAID c. Parallel processing;b. RFID d. Moore?s Law;12. ____ provides permanent storage for data and instructions that do not change, such as programs and data from the computer manufacturer.;a. RAM c. ROM;b. Linux d. UNIX;13. ____ is a type of high-speed memory that a processor can access more rapidly than main memory.;a. RAM c. Cache memory;b. MP3 d. ROM;14. ____ parallel processors all execute the same instruction on many data values simultaneously.;a. Thin client c. Embedded;b. Single instruction/multiple data d. UNIX;15. The term ____ is used to describe devices that store larger amounts of data, instructions, and information more permanently than allowed with main memory.;a. secondary storage c. RAM;b. primary storage d. ROM;16. A(n) ____ is a computer used by many users to perform a specific task, such as running network or Internet applications.;a. z/OS c. workgroup;b. MP3 d. server;17. The devices used only to access secondary storage data directly are called ____.;a. sequential access storage devices c. primary storage devices;b. secondary storage devices d. direct access storage devices;18. A(n) ____ allows people to access and command the computer system.;a. workgroup c. user interface;b. utility program d. interpreter;19. A(n) ____ is a collection of single application programs packaged in a bundle.;a. database c. applet;b. proprietary software d. software suite;20. ____ is designed to support teamwork, whether people are in the same location or dispersed around the world.;a. Proprietary software c. Off-the-shelf software;b. Workgroup application software d. Distributed software;21. ____ involves translating what a user wants to accomplish into a code that the computer can understand and execute.;a. Pre-emptive multitasking c. Time-sharing;b. Virtualization d. Programming;22. The term ____ is used to describe software that is very inexpensive or free, usually for use in personal computers, but whose source code cannot be modified.;a. middleware c. applet;b. open-source d. shareware;23. Red Hat Linux for IBM mainframe computers is an example of a(n) ____.;a. utility program c. embedded operating system;b. Internet service provider d. enterprise operating system;24. ____ applications can be used to plan, schedule, allocate, and control people and resources (money, time, and technology) needed to complete a project according to schedule.;a. Financial management c. Spreadsheet;b. Database d. Project management;25. ____ is a set of integrated programs that manage a company?s vital business operations for an entire multisite, global organization.;a. Project management c. Financial management;b. Enterprise resource planning software d. Online information services;26. A ____ is typically a name, number, or combination of characters that describes an aspect of a business object;a. field c. record;b. character d. file;27. A collection of related records is a(n) ____.;a. entity c. file;b. attribute d. schema;28. A(n) ____ is a generalized class of people, places, or things (objects) for which data is collected, stored, and maintained.;a. data model c. relational model;b. entity d. attribute;29. ____ is a way of organizing data in which the logical database design is altered so that certain data entities are combined, summary totals are carried in the data records rather than calculated from elemental data, and some data attributes are repeated in more than one data entity to improve database performance.;a. Data modeling c. Concurrency control;b. Planned data redundancy d. Data mining;30. The ____ is a database model that describes data in which all data elements are placed in two-dimensional tables, called relations.;a. domain model c. entity model;b. query model d. relational model;31. ____ involves the manipulation of data to eliminate rows according to certain criteria.;a. Data mining c. Projecting;b. Selecting d. Joining;32. ____ involves eliminating columns in a table.;a. Joining c. Projecting;b. Selecting d. Data mining;33. A ____ is one that directly interacts with people or users.;a. database application c. proprietary application;b. front-end application d. back-end application;34. A(n) ____ is a subset of a data warehouse.;a. data model c. object;b. data mart d. schema;35. ____ is a form of data mining that combines historical data with assumptions about future conditions to predict outcomes of events such as future product sales or the probability that a customer will default on a loan.;a. Query by example c. Data modeling;b. OLAP d. Predictive analysis;36. ____ involves gathering enough of the right information in a timely manner and usable form and analyzing it so that it can have a positive effect on business strategy, tactics, or operations.;a. Data synchronization c. CRM;b. Business intelligence d. Paging;37. The term ____ describes the steps an organization takes to protect information sought by ?hostile? intelligence gatherers.;a. predictive analysis c. data cleanup;b. data synchronization d. counterintelligence;38. ____ allows users to explore data from a number of perspectives.;a. SQL c. OLAP;b. Data mining d. Predictive analysis;39. A ____ system employs many satellites, each in a circular orbit at an altitude of a few hundred miles.;a. geostationary satellite c. small mobile satellite;b. very small aperture terminal d. low earth orbit satellite;40. A(n) ____ sends signals through the air via light waves at a frequency of 300 GHz and above.;a. infrared transmission c. multiplexer;b. analog transmission d. radio transmission;41. A(n) ____ is a telecommunications service that delivers high-speed Internet access to homes and small businesses over the existing phone lines of the local telephone network.;a. ISP c. DSL;b. switch d. Slingbox;42. A(n) ____ is a telecommunications network that connects users and their computers in a geographical area that spans a campus or city.;a. URL c. ISP;b. metropolitan area network d. local area network;43. A(n) ____ is a telecommunications network that connects large geographic regions.;a. ISP c. URL;b. local area network d. wide area network;44. With ____, processing devices are placed at various remote locations.;a. centralized processing c. sequential processing;b. decentralized processing d. direct processing;45. A ____ forwards data packets across two or more distinct networks toward their destinations through a process known as routing.;a. bridge c. router;b. switch d. gateway


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