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Question 1;Another name for a task force is a(n) ___________.;informal group;interest group;ad hoc committee;virtual group;friendship group;Question 2;The person who wishes to share information with someone else is known as the __________.;encoder;messenger;noise;receiver;sender;Question 3;The paths along which information flows within the organization are called __________.;noise;communication networks;filtering paths;information richness;jargon;Question 4;Two parties in conflict attempt to resolve it by allocating resources to one another. This is known as __________.;benchmarking;superordinate goals;negotiation;lose-lose negotiation;Question 5;An assembly line of workers in a Ford Motor Co. factory that produces Ford Explorers is said to have;pooled task interdependence.;a virtual team format.;synergy.;reciprocal task interdependence.;sequential task interdependence.;Question 6;Managers who ____________ are likely to see their ___________.;decrease uncertainty, power decrease;decrease uncertainty, power increase;increase uncertainty, power increase;decrease their power, uncertainty increase;increase their power, uncertainty increase.;Question 7;A marketing manager who is a member of a task force for new product development is supposed to represent the marketing department as a member of this group. This activity is called the marketing manager's __________.;virtual team effort;group role;synergy;interest group;command group;Question 8;A manager conducts a meeting in such a way that he or she has a strong influence on the alternatives for a decision that are discussed in the meeting. This is known as;forming alliances.;being in a central position.;controlling the agenda.;relying on objective information.;generating resources.;Question 9;A department store attempts to gain a competitive advantage by empowering its salespeople in the cosmetics department to communicate the needs of its customers to management. As a result, management can be more responsive to these needs. This strategy is focusing primarily on which aspect of the organization?;Quality;Efficiency;Innovation;Customer responsiveness;Question 10;In XYZ Corporation, production managers are evaluated for their success in driving costs down, while marketing managers are evaluated on the basis of customer satisfaction. The conflict that occurs when overtime hours are needed in order to deliver the product at the time promised by the marketing department is based on __________.;scarce resources;incompatible reward systems;top-down change;benchmarking;overlapping authority;Question 11;Social loafing can be a very detrimental practice to the effectiveness of an organization. Explain what is meant by this concept, and discuss three specific steps that managers can take to reduce or to eliminate this undesirable work behavior;Question 12;Discuss what is meant by the concept of "groupware," and explain the conditions within the organization that are necessary for this to be an effective communication medium for the organization


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