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1. Training methods used to stimulate learning can be classified in three ways, one of which is;conferences;lectures;on-the-job training;intelligent tutoring;2. In evaluating training programs, it is important to distinguish _____ from data-collection methods.;organizational payoffs;cost-benefit analysis;individual participation;targets of evaluation;3. The evaluation phase is one phase of the process for effective training to occur. Which of the following is not a part of the evaluation phase?;Select training media;Develop criteria;Pretest trainees;Monitor training;4. _____ analysis is helpful in determining the special needs of a particular group, such as older workers, women, or managers at different levels.;Individual;Organization;Demographic;Operations;5. Which of the following is an example of an on-the-job training method?;Understudy assignments;Role playing;Intelligent tutoring;Case method;6. Which of the following is an example of the simulation method of training?;Job rotation;Orientation;Correspondence courses;In-basket;7. The level of training needs analysis that attempts to identify the content of the training is _____ analysis.;environmental;operations;organizational;individual;8. _____ refers to the material that is rich in association for the trainees and is therefore easily understood by them.;Pygmalion effect;Training paradox;Orientation;Meaningfulness;9. Which theory is founded on the premise that an individual?s intentions regulate his or her behavior?;Correspondent inference theory;Goal theory;Grounded theory;Attribution theory;10. The impact of training on _____ is the most significant, but it is the most difficult effect to demonstrate.;organizational results;demographics;action learning;trainee self-esteem;11. When trainees are given the opportunity to practice far beyond the point where they have performed a task correctly several times, the task becomes second nature and is;overlearned;irrelevant;repetitive;boring;12. The level of training needs analysis that focuses on identifying whether training supports the company?s strategic direction is called _____ analysis.;operations;individual;environmental;organization


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