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To get straight to the point you said I owed you 400.00but after I said that I would do the 6 parts of the final payroll project you said I would only have to pay 270.00 giving the worth according to you of 130.00.;So we start off with 270.00 but you never did the unit 4 in payroll so subtract 20.00 making it 250.00 and the fact that unit 5 payroll was late and was only half done according to the teacher means half pay of 10.00 bringing the total down to 240.00.;So now we start off with 240.00 and as per your recent text to me demanding money you were going to stop working on my homework so so I did the last 2 quizes in Finance totaling 40.00 bringing the total down to 200.00. The next thing was a unit 10 Discussion that I paid for that never got done along with a last payroll written assignment totaling another 40.00 bringing the total down to 160.00.;Then we get to your request to get the work from my final payroll projects 1-6 so I will subtract the worth that you stated it was by subtracting 130.00 and after this I am going to e-mail them to you, but it brings the total to 30.00. I almost forgot their was a assignment in finance in unit 9 that you did not do that I had to bringing the final total to 10.00. I was going to pay you the 400.00 but I do not take lightly to threats. I have always paid you in the past and I only told you I needed time to finish paying you, but knoe I only owe you 10.00. Thank you for all your hard work and good luck to you and your family in the future.;I have to go after I post this to you but I will accept this last handshake and after that I will no longer be asking for you help. Don't text me or anything going further.;David


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