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Pensions;Consider the following information as of the beginning of 2012. The projected benefit obligation or PBO was $135,000, the accumulated gain (loss) in order comprehensive income (OCI) was $20,000 and the average remaining service period of active employees 20 years.;Additional information;Expected return on plan assets is $15%;The FMV of plan assets, on Jan. 1, 2012 is $100,000;The FMV on Dec. 31, 2012 is $130,000;Contribution to pension plan was $14,000;Benefits paid to employees was $8,000;Questions;Determine the difference between the actual and expected return on plan assets for 2012.;Determine the amortization of the net gain or loss accumulated in OCI.;Determine the gain or loss recognized as a component of pension cost in 2012.;Determine the accumulated gain or loss that would be carried forward in OCI 2013.


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