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The following additional information is available.;1. Inventories are valued at lower of cost or market using LIFO.;2. Equipment is recorded at cost. Accumulated depreciation, computed on a straight-line basis, is $50,600.;3. The short-term investments have a fair value of $29,000. (Assume they are trading securities.);4. The notes receivable are due April 30, 2016, with interest receivable every April 30. The notes bear interest at 6%.;5. The allowance for doubtful accounts applies to the accounts receivable. Accounts receivables of $50,000 are pledged as collateral on a bank loan.;6. Licenses are recorded net of accumulated amortization of $14,000.;7. Treasury stock is recorded at cost.;Instructions;Prepare the current assets section of Yasunari Kawabata Company?s December 31, 2014, balance sheet, with appropriate disclosures.


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