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ACC - Tax Form Problem Devon Bishop, age 40, is single. He lives at 1507 Rose Lane




Devon Bishop, age 40, is single. He lives at 1507 Rose Lane, Albuquerque, NM 87131.;His Social Security number is 111-11-1111. Devon does not want $3 to go to the Presidential;Election Campaign Fund.;Devon was divorced in 2008 after 15 years of marriage. He pays alimony of $18,000 a year to his former spouse, Ariane. Ariane?s Social Security number is 123-45-6789.;Devon?s son, Tom, who is age 16, resides with Ariane. Devon pays child support of $12,000 per year. Ariane has provided Devon with a signed Form 8332 in which she releases the dependency deduction to him for 2012. Tom?s Social Security number is;123-45-6788.;Devon owns a sole proprietorship for which he uses the accrual method of accounting.;His revenues and expenses for 2012 are as follows;Sales revenue $740,000;Cost of goods sold 405,000;Salary expense 88,000;Rent expense 30,000;Utilities 8,000;Telephone 6,500;Advertising 4,000;Bad debts 5,000;Depreciation 21,000;Health insurance* 26,000;Accounting and legal fees 7,000;Supplies 1,000 * $18,000 for employees and $8,000 for Devon.;Other income received by Devon includes the following;Dividend income;Swan, Inc. $10,000;Wren, Inc. 2,000;Interest income;First Bank 11,000;Second Bank 2,500;City of Asheville bonds 17,000;Lottery winnings (tickets purchased cost $500) 10,000;During the year,Devon and his sole proprietorship had the following property transactions;a. Sold Blue, Inc. stock for $45,000 on March 12, 2012. He had purchased the stock on;September 5, 2009, for $50,000.;b. Received an inheritance of $300,000 from his Uncle Henry. Devon used $200,000 to purchase Green, Inc. stock on May 15, 2012 and invested $100,000 in Gold, Inc. stock on May 30, 2012.;c. Received Orange, Inc. stock worth $9,500 as a gift from his Aunt Jane on June 17;2012. Her adjusted basis for the stock was $5,000. No gift taxes were paid on the transfer. Aunt Jane had purchased the stock on April 1, 2006. Devon sold the stock on July 1, 2012, for $22,000.;d. On July 15, 2012, Devon sold one-half of the Green, Inc. stock for $40,000.;e. Devon was notified on August 1, 2012, that Yellow, Inc. stock he purchased from a colleague on September 1, 2011, for $52,500 had become worthless. While he perceived that the investment was risky, he did not anticipate that the corporation would declare bankruptcy.;f. On August 15, 2012, Devon received a parcel of land in Phoenix worth $220,000 in exchange for a parcel of land he owned in Tucson. Because the Tucson parcel was worth $245,000, he also received $25,000 cash. Devon?s adjusted basis for the Tucson parcel was $210,000. He originally purchased it on September 18, 2009.;g. On December 1, 2012, Devon sold the condominium in which he had been living for the past 10 years. The sales price was $480,000, selling expenses were $28,500, and repair expenses related to the sale were $9,400. Devon and Ariane had purchased the condominium as joint owners for $180,000. Devon had received Ariane?s ownership interest as part of the divorce proceedings. The fair market value at that time was $240,000.;Devon?s potential itemized deductions, exclusive of the aforementioned information, are as follows;Medical expenses (before the 7.5% floor) $ 9,500;Property taxes on residence 5,300;State income taxes 4,000;Charitable contributions 10,000;Mortgage interest on residence 9,900;Sales taxes paid 5,000;During the year, Devon makes estimated Federal income tax payments of $40,000.;Compute Devon?s lowest net tax payable or refund due for 2012 assuming that he makes any available elections that will reduce the tax. If you use tax forms for your computations, you will need Forms 1040, 4562, 8332, and 8824 and Schedules A, B, C, D, and SE. Suggested software: H&R BLOCK At Home.


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