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Week 8;Discussion 1;E-activity - Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to identify a business recently acquired or financed by a venture capitalist. Be prepared to discuss;?Based on your research conducted in the e-Activity, evaluate the business decision to use a venture capitalist to raise funds, indicating whether or not you believe the company will benefit from this decision in the long run. Provide support for your position.;?Assess the challenges for businesses using the resources of a venture capitalist, given that significant returns on the investment are likely to be impacted by the firm. Indicate how a business can manage these expectations. Provide support for your rationale.;Discussion 2;?While US GAAP requires assets to be valued at the lower of cost or market, there is a belief that assets with value fluctuations should be valued at market and adjusted on a regular basis. Create an argument supporting the use of market value for investment valuation. Provide support for your argument.;?Assess the potential abuses of companies using a market value approach to investment valuation and how it may impact decisions made by the public relying on the information


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