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9.5B A recent annual report of H. J. Heinz Comp...




9.5B A recent annual report of H. J. Heinz Company includes the following note: Depreciation: For financial reporting purposes, depreciation is provided on the straight- line method over the estimated useful lives of the assets, which generally have the following ranges: buildings? 40 years or less; machinery and equipment? 15 years or less; computer software? 3? 7 years; and lease hold improvements? over the life of the lease, not to exceed 15 years. Accel-erated depreciation methods are generally used for income tax purposes. b. Why do you think that the company uses accelerated depreciation methods in its income tax returns?,I have 50 multiple choice questions that I need help with before midnight tonight. This would require a max of 2 hours of your time. For an extra $50, would you be interested in helping?,I have maxed out my 3 questions for the day, so I am unsure of how to post the questions in a new thread. Please advise. I need to know as soon as possible if this is something you can assist with. I am limited to two hours and I need assistance before midnight eastern tonight.


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