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ACCT 346 Managerial Accounting (Devry) Week 5 DQs and Course Project A+ Graded




ACCT 346 (Introduction to Managerial Accounting);Week 5;Discussion1 Pricing and Capital Investment Decisions -;Pricing Techniques (graded);Compare target costing and cost-plus pricing. When is each the most appropriate method to use? Provide an example of each.;Discussion 2 Pricing and Capital Investment Decisions -;Capital Budgeting Techniques (graded);Suppose a company has 5 different capital budgeting projects from which to choose, but has constrained funds and cannot implement all of the projects. Explain why comparing the projects' NPVs is better than comparing their IRRs.;Week 5 Assignment: ACCT 346 Week 5 Course Project Part 4


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