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ACCT 212 Financial Accounting Week 3 DQ,Course Project 1 (Devry)




ACCT 212 (Financial Accounting) Devry Week 3;Week 3;Internal Controls, Cash, Short-term Investments and Accounts Receivables Discussion 1;Ethical Business Decisions (graded);Unfortunately, a quick scan of the business news will normally result in reports of unethical business behavior. To prove this point, let's start with a review of the news for stories about fraud and other unethical behavior in business. You can use the University Library to start your search. Once you have located an article share it with the class by developing a summary of the important information. Make sure that you give credit to your source.;Week 3: Internal Controls, Cash, Short-term Investments and Accounts Receivables ? Discussion 2;Trade Credit - Accounts Payable (graded);The ability to extend trade credit is a benefit to both sides of the transaction. The seller can increase sales while the buyer can conduct business without spending cash immediately. (For example, imagine you own a business the sells wood to construction companies that build homes. Using trade credit, the construction company can purchase the wood without spending cash immediately and you as the owner have more sales!) It sounds like a perfect relationship and it would be if people were not involved.;Let?s take a look beyond the obvious and discuss the pros and cons of Accounts Receivable. Why do companies offer trade credit, and what are the problems?;ACCT212 Course Project 1 (Part A + Part B) Rawls Repair Corporation


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