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This Essay will be a maximum of 2,500 words with marks allocated for your calculations in terms of the profit and loss account plus your answers to questions 2 and 3;McMorrisons;McMorrisons Store operates two public eating areas, a self service cafeteria and a table service restaurant. The following data has been presented to you for three consecutive months.;March;April;May;Cafe;Rest;Cafe;Rest;Cafe;Rest;No Covers served;20,910;10,910;24,455;13,818;27,455;16,375;Sales (VAT ex);47,120.83;64,241.67;55,530.00;82,272.50;64,090.83;117,424.17;Cost of Sales;20,909;26,364;24,818;34,091;31,455;50,091;Labour;Basic Pay;32,727;37,273;30,000;Overtime;2,818;3,545;13,727;You are required to;Analyse these results using a P&L account and appropriate operating ratios and statistics.;Comment on the performance of the catering operation and the actions you propose to take.;Discuss the benefits of financial and management accounting highlighting the key documents that should be used and what benefits they deliver to a business such as McMorrisons.


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