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Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix




Access the map on the Busines Around the World Web site using the following instructions;Navigate to;On the Business Communications Online website, click Business Around the World on the lower-left corner of the page.;Follow the onscreen instructions.;Select three regions of the world to research.;Narrow the area down by selecting one country from each region.;Enter your selections into the matrix located in Appendix C. The website provides you with a strong starting point. You may also want to perform a general internet search to find additional information to use in the matrix.;Complete the Cross-Cultural Communication Matrix in Appendix C, using the country information.;Write a 300-word essay response. Discuss how technology could be used to facilitate cross-cultural communication. Based on the information you researched, what difficulties could arise from using technology? Remember to include an introduction, body, and conclusion.;Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.;Post your completed matrix and essay response as a Word document attachment.


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