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AIS 141 Project Astro Athletic Supply Company specializes in selling sporting goods, gymnasium equipment, and other athletic supplies to high schools and colleges. The company handles both written and telephone orders, using the following procedures, One of several company-employed field sales representatives records customer orders on a three-part form (Form 191A). The original is left with the customer, the duplicate is mailed to central headquarters each day in a special color-coded envelope, and the triplicate is retained in the sales representative's order pad. When the duplicates arrive at the central headquarters, they go directly to the secretary of the sales order entry department. The secretary directs orders to one of three order entry clerks. All customer orders are entered in an online keying device. First, the accuracy of the ordered will be checked. Then the inventory master file is accessed to check inventory availability. Orders that can be filled are then recorded on the sales order master file, the inventory balance is reduced, and a screen message informs the clerk of the updates. The clerk files the accepted customer orders by customer number. Orders that are not accurate or inventory are not available are recorded in a computer "suspense" file for later investigation. Each evening, data processing prints five-part sales orders(Form 1 91C)from the data stored on the sales order master file. Sales Order entry department receives two copies of the sales order; it files copy 2 in the accepted order file and mails the original (copy 1) to the customer. Copies 3 and 4 are sent to the warehouse, and copy 5 is sent to accounts receivable. Using copy 3, warehouse workers pick the goods. They file copy 3 and deliver the goods and copy 4 to the shipping department. A shipping clerk checks the assembled order against sales order copy 4, prepares a three part shipping notice (Form 191D), and records the shipment in a shipping log. The shipping notice original, signed by the carrier, serves as the bill of lading; sales order copy 4 is used as the packing slip. The bill of lading and packing slip accompany the goods to the customer. duplicate of the shipping notice is sent to accounts receivable; the triplicate is sent to order where it is filed in the accepted order file. Required: Prepare a Level zero DFD and a flowchart for Astro Athletic Supply Company.,I just need a flowchart part of the project. Thank you,Thank you, =),Michael, Please be so kind to let me know if you will be able to complete this project today since the due day is aproching. Thank you,


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