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Assignment 4: Excel Problems




At the end of each module, you will apply the module?s concepts by completing a comprehensive assignment from the textbook.;Complete these problems from your text book: (P1-44B page 47 & P2-46B page 111) related to transaction analysis, journal entries for typical business transactions, adjusting entries and preparation of the trial balance and adjusted trial balance.;Present your analysis of the assigned problems in Excel format. Enter non-numerical responses in the same worksheet using textboxes.;Here is the INSTRUCTIONS;Pl-44B (L. (fl1J. 9, W) Preparing financial statements and evaluating business;parforniance [20?30 mm);Accent Photography wrwks wcddrng,s and P-YPC parties, the balance of capital;was $20,000 at [)eeember 31, 2010. At [)ecember 31, 2011, the business?s accounting;records show these balances;1. Prepare the following financial statements for Accent Photography for tite year;ended 1)ecember 31. 2011;A. hiconie statement;b. Statement of owner?s equity;e. Balance sheet;P24-68 (L. OBj. 2, 3, 4..5) Analyzing and journalizing transactions, posting, and;preparing a trial balance [45-60 minI;Warren Smith practices medicine under (he business title Warren Smith, MA).;During April, tIse medical practict c?nnplrted the following tran.sacti,mns;Apr t Smmsh dqoa? $79.O?m) cadi. dir hosanna hank manant.;?lic bimsiurpa gasr capiul to Simsab.;S l?aid monthly rent on medical equipnene. $$Q;9 l?aid $1141x10 cash w purch.asn land tacan nuire;li) Iknltpcd,lifl amaccount. $1,2011.;IS ticirrowed $20,1x10 Irons the bomb fur bosnia oir. Smith signrd;a miar payable w dar bank in clic name of dic busa,,ea;22 l?aid $144111 w, aISlaN.;Il) Krvnnucs earned dining che month included $5,903 cads and;$4,91x1 on account.;tIP) l?aid cmpkiccn salants *2.0114). olber ri-np $I.14I*l, and;utilities $420. Mahc a single compound enny.;II) t)wnns withdrew ?9,030.;The business uses the following accounts: Cash, Accounts ressivaNr, Supplies, Lsnd;Accounts payable, Notes payable, Warren Smith, Capital, Warren Seniih, Withdrawal%;Service revenue, Salary expense, Rent expense, Utilities expense.


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