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ACC - Problem 8-46 - Olga is the proprietor of a small business




Homework 8-46-please help;Olga is the proprietor of a small business. In 2013, the business income before consideration of any cost recovery or 179 deduction, is $250,000. Olga spends $600,000 on new seven-year class assets and elects to take the 179 deduction on them. She elects not to take additional first-year depreciation. Olgas cost recovery deduction for 2012, except for the cost recovery with respect to the new seven-year assets, is 95000. Determine Olga cost recovery for 2013 with respect to the seven year class assets and the amount of any 179 carry forward. I need input in the excel for 8-46 sheet.;8-36 Homework;Debra acquired the following new assets during 2013.;Apr 11, Furniture, 40k;July 28, Trucks, 40k;Nov 3, Computers, 70k;Determine the cost recovery for the current year. Debra does not elect immediate expensing under ? 179. She does take additional first-year depreciation.


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