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product elimination decision




1.;In some companies, especially the larger ones, the finance function is undertaken by the vice president of finance. In other companies, small to medium, there are other functionaries, such as the chief financial officer, finance manager, and so on. Do not get caught up with titles! Discuss the role of the finance manager and why the position is important. Go to Summarize at least one article you have read, provide the web link, and justify the importance of the article you selected.;2.;Managers often need to make "product elimination decisions".;What do we mean by "product elimination decisions"?;What type of "Product Elimination Decisions" might a Financial Manager have to make? On what basis SHOULD he/she make the decision?;Important;Please answer all the questions, please use your own words, do not copy online source, if you need, use the citation and provide the link.


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