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Question 1 (4 points);A&O Corporation has pretax financial income of $200,000 for 201 3. The following items cause taxable income to be different than pretax financial income;? Depreciation on the tax return is greater than depreciation on the income statement by $70,000.;? Rent collected on the tax return is greater than rent earned on the income statement by $30,000.;? Fines for pollution appear as an expense of $20,000 on the income statement.;The tax rate for A&O is 30% for all years, and the company expects to report taxable income for all years in the future. There are no deferred taxes at the beginning of 201 3. Show supporting computation for the following;Calculate taxable income for 201 3 (start with financial income).;b. Calculate income taxes payable for 201 3.;c. Show computations for deferred tax liability, deferred tax asset, and income tax expense for 201 3.;Prepare the journal entry to record the income tax expense, deferred tax asset, deferred tax liability, and income tax payable for 201 3.


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