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ACC/561 ACC 561 Week 6 WileyPLUS Exercises 20-3 Exercises 22-1 Brief Exercise 23-3 Brief Exercise 23-4 Brief Exercise 23-6




;;;;; Description / Instructions: Complete the following in WileyPLUS: *Exercises: 20-3 *Exercises: 22-1 *Brief Exercise 23-3 *Brief Exercise 23-4 *Brief Exercise 23-6 Question 1;Garza and Neely, CPAs, are preparing their service revenue (sales) budget for the coming year (2012). The practice is divided into three departments: auditing, tax, and consulting. Billable hours for each department, by quarter, are provided below.;Department;Quarter 1;Quarter 2;Quarter 3;Quarter 4;Auditing;2,480;1,710;2,180;2,780;Tax;3,180;2,670;2,400;2,860;Consulting;1,860;1,860;1,860;1,860;Average hourly billing rates are: auditing $85, tax $94, and consulting $101.;Prepare the service revenue (sales) budget for 2012 by listing the departments and showing for each quarter and the year in total, billable hours, billable rate, and total revenue.;;

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