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Tax Research Week 3 Discussion




Below are 4 topics which I need answered. The response to each one only need to be no more than 2 paragraphs.;Analyze the statutory exclusions in the tax code in order to determine an exclusion(s) that you believe that the IRS should eliminate. Propose one alternative(s) that would mitigate the tax impact of your proposed elimination(s).;Choose any two statutory income exclusions. Take a position as to whether or not you believe the IRS should retain these exclusions in the tax code. Support your position by using ?Publication 17? which is located at;Analyze the treatment of capital gains and losses. Based on your analysis, take a position on whether or not the current tax treatment of capital gains and losses is fair. Recommend a change that would be fairer. Support your recommendation with examples.;Imagine you are a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and your client has asked for your help in mitigating or eliminating the potential estate tax liability for the property that the client owns, so that he / she may pass it on to his / her heirs. Analyze the options that may be open to your client, and propose a strategy to mitigate or eliminate the client?s potential tax liability.


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