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ACC - Fay Thill Country Stores




The 2008 financial statements for Fay Thill Country Stores show total assets of $490,000, total liabilities of $290,000, net sales of $1,800,000, net income of $450,000, income from operations of $520,000, cost of goods sold of $1,080,000, preferred dividends of $225,000, and interest expenses of $20,000. Total assests and total liabilities for 2007 were $430,000 and $270,000, respectively. Compute the following ratios for 2008;1. Profit margin;2. Return on assets;3. Return on equity;4. Times-interest-earned;5. Debt ratio;Using the information from L9A3, a market price of $25 per share, and 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding, compute the following for 2008;1. Earning per share;2. Price/earning ratio


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