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Resource: Financial Statements for the company assigned by you (choose a company);Review the assigned company's financial statements from the past three years.;Calculate the financial ratios for the assigned company's financial statements, and then interpret those results against company historical data as well as industry benchmarks;? Calculate the following financial ratios: current ratio, quick ratio, inventory turnover, days sales in receivables, total debt ratio, debt to equtiy ratio, net profit margin, return on assets (ROA), and return on equity (ROE).;? Compare at least five of the financial ratios with each of the preceding three (3) years (e.g. 2014 with 2013, 2013 with 2012, and 2012 with 2011).;? Compare the calculated financial ratios against the industry benchmarks for the industry of your assigned company.;Write a 500 to 750 word summary of your analysis.;Show financial calculations where appropriate.


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