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You are assigned to complete the attached tax...




You are assigned to complete the attached tax return assignment You are to prepare a COMPLETE tax return. You will be graded on the correctness and completeness of the return. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST USE THE 2010 TAX FORM - - - IF YOU USE ANY OTHER YEAR YOU WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF ZERO. THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT TO BE COMPLETED BY EACH STUDENT INDIVIDUALLY. Obtaining assistance to complete the return is an act of academic dishonest subject to disciplinary action. You can use a tax preparation program to prepare your return. You could also use the IRS forms available on the IRS website. YOUR RETURN MUST BE UPLOADED AS A PDF DOCUMENT USING THIS LINK FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. ONLY DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED IN THIS MANNER WILL BE GRADED. AN EMAIL OF THE DOCUMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NOR WILL A DOCUMENT OTHER THEN ONE IN PDF FORMAT WILL BE GRADED. In addition, you are to turn in a hard copy of the return. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO ON THE ASSIGNMENT. REPEAT: YOU MUST USE THE 2010 TAX FORMS!!!!!!


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