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I have already completed a paper, so I will provid...




I have already completed a paper, so I will provide that paper. However, I will need help with creating the excel spread sheet, so I have provided instruction-conversations-decisions, and etc. Also, I will provide an additional attachment, and you could pick and choose, which area suits this assignment or trash the additional spread sheet. But I do like the organizaiton and colors of the additional spread sheet.,Here is the additonal Excel Spreadsheet. Please remember to choose the area which best describes our subject or if you do not like it trash the additional slides.,Here is the completed Report....,thank you natalia,This is not what I wanted. This spread sheet was an example of how the one spread sheet should be designed. My theories were on Dog Bites, not to complete the spread sheet. Please review both set of instructions carefully.,Thank you...,I recieved a message, however, I have not received any updates. Please provide status of project,Where is my project? or where is my refund? Because I have waited patiently, and my project is due.,where is my project....time is up,I want a refund this...,This assignment was due yesterday, therefore a refund is needed.


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