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I had to choose five essential items and five non-...




I had to choose five essential items and five non-essential items. Each one has a cost attached to it and placed those items and their costs into Set A and Set B. They are represented as follows: Costs for the elements in Set A are {toilet paper ($20), Polo shirt ($40), Nike shoes ($60), gas ($70), food ($80)} and costs in Set B are {Gucci cologne ($90), HP Slate ($120), movie tickets ($30), Nike shoes ($60), Polo shirt ($40)} respectively. I would like to know how you calculate the union and intersection when there are two set As and 3 set Bs. In essence, What will the total cost of the union and of the intersection be if you consider two set A's and three set B's ? Set A = {20,40,60,70,80} and Set B = {90,120,30,60,40}. I think the union for two Set As and 3 Set Bs would be 1560 and the intersection is 500 but I'm not sure. Can you show me how to work this out? Thanks.


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