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Correct the following on my excel HW Tab 2---Mat...




Correct the following on my excel HW Tab 2---Mathematical process and interpretation should be located outside the question text-box. I should be able to click on each respective answer and see the mathematical process in the fx-bar. Part of the grade on the course final is assigned to the actual mathematical performance. I recommend using the NORMDIST function for 2a. 2b--You are striving to attain the probability between two amounts; therefore, you would subtract Normdist results for 300 and 180. 2C? I recommend using the NORMINV function. Tab 3---I should be able to click on the answer and see the process preformed in the FX bar. One method is to attain a z-value using the formula (Z = ( Xbar - ? )/ ( ?/sqrt(n)) and then standardize the z-value by using the NORMSDIST function in excel and subtract the result from 1 (1-NORMSDIST(z)) or you can use the NORMDIST function. You will need X, which is the value for which you want the distribution, the arithmetic mean of the distribution, the STD DEV of x-bars(= ?/sqrt(n)), and for Cumulative, you can either enter True or 1.--- Then 1-NORMDIST(X, Mean, STDEV, Cumulative). Both Methods produce the same result. Tab 5---I should be able to click on each respective limit and see the process in the fx-bar. I recommend using the Confidence interval utility n>= 30 (Proportions) found in the "briefcase" as well as the tutorial had students working with this utility. Copy and paste only the specific utility used to the homework. You will need n, p-bar, and confidence level for the input.


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