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Attached is the information needed. Also, below i...




Attached is the information needed. Also, below is the text from attachment. Chicago Omni Hotel Lodging Dining Catering Retail Stores Total Revenues (in $millions) 39.20 9.80 5.80 1.90 56.70 Separable operating expenses 31.10 6.20 3.50 0.30 41.10 Square footage(in 1000s) 625 50 125 80 880 Number of employees 1,000 140 35 4 1179 In addition to the separable expenses traced directly to each profit center, the hotel incurs the following additional expenses: Occupancy costs(interest,taxes, insurance) $5.6 million Marketing costs $1.4 million Administration costs $1.1 million Total $8.1 million Profit center performance is part of each profit center manager?s annual bonus. Also, to evaluate how each department of the hotel is performing, senior management desires a statement calculating a performance measure


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