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At the beginning of the year, Elsie's basis in the...




At the beginning of the year, Elsie's basis in the E&G Partnership interest is $60,000. She receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution from the partnership consisting of $10,000 of cash, unrealized accounts receivable (basis of $0, fair market value $30,000), and inventory (basis of $10,000; fair market value of $20,000). After the distribution, Elsie's bases in the accounts receivable, and partnership interest are: a. $0; $10,000; and $40,000 b. $0; $20,000; and $30,000 c. $30,000; $10,000; and $10,000 d. $30,000; $20,000; and $0 e. None of the above Marcie is a 40% partner in the MAP Partnership. During the current tax year, the partnership reported ordinary income of $140,000 before payment of guaranteed payments and distributions to partners. The partnership made an ordinary cash distribution of $10,000 to Marcie, and paid guaranteed payments to partners Marcie, Alice, and Pat of $20,000 each ($60,000 total). How much will Marcie?s adjusted gross income increase as a result of the above items? a. $32,000 b. $52,000 c. $56,000 d. $76,000 e. None of the above


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