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HI,, I will just need Q3 answered, Please advi...




HI,, I will just need Q3 answered, Please advise whether you can kindly finish within 12 hours.THanks,PLease advise payment amount as well.thanks,I can make the payment immediately,tax rate : 30 % tax year: 30 June 2012 please refer to the question. and for Q 3,please use T-accounts in the "workings" section. The "working" section: please type all the working for each question, Thank you.,btw, in australia, 30 June is the end of financial year. Please use australia accounting standard . If possible,please finish question 3 first and send to me.Q3 is the most urgent Thank you,please use the T account for the "workings" , please refer to this attachment.,For the working section: please provide any working relevent for the question. For some data (e.g doubtful debt,Long service leave etc please use T-Accounts),Please Change to word format including all workings.thanks .,Please copy and paste the T account into word format. Explanation of how you get the answer is also important.e.g depreciation for tax: 90,000,000 / 5 years =1800000 etc .because the market will also mark the workings .and only word document is accepted.


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