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can you reduce the price for at lest 70 or$ 80 t...




can you reduce the price for at lest 70 or$ 80 thank u,CAN U ACCEPT $ 80. I ALWAYS SUBMITE MY QUESTION IN COURSE HERO , THANK U,HELLO ,,THANK YOU,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ACCEPTING .,execusme , just if u write the answer write simple words to easy to understand ,thank u,hello, thanks for ur work , but can you let me where the q 3, 4 and 9 also, in the excel where i can find each table from 1 to 6 plz answer me as soon as possible it is due today at 5 .p.m thank u,hello, are you online,if you can finish it by 5. p. m today . thank you,hello , i found all the tables except table 4 , wher i find it ?,hello, i found all the table do not wory about it just submit q 3, 4 and 9 if you finish it now , thank u,hello , can you submit what you have because i have to submit it now thank you,thank you , if i find it i will let you know


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